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SHORE BREAK (2022 Ver.)

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It's a vision of a summer day broken by the waves... Inheriting the scent of the 80's, it is a nostalgic yet new city pop original full album that depicts adult love and life in a sometimes sweet, sometimes sad and bittersweet way. A deluxe edition containing 16 songs including the TV tie-up song "Habana Mojito", the representative song "Rainbow-colored Parade", and the latest single "Rocket Man". Produced by Showky Saezawa.

Artist Profile

  • KC Yamashita

    While working on community activities as a radio program personality, he has also performed live performances by making use of the sensibility of city pop and soul music that he has heard since his school days, finally fulfilling his dream of making a CD debut. Based in Nagoya, he is active nationwide with his sweet singing voice, outstanding singing ability, dance sense, and the charm of an adult man. Nickname is KC.

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