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The song "1%" is an emotional song about lost love and the passage of time. It expresses the frustration of not being able to live as much as you want, and the wounds of the past torment you are now. Disgust that a lack of confidence keeps a bright future away. It expresses the sadness of parting that begins the moment they meet, and the determination to "change now" against the past that cannot be reset. The lyrics are also interwoven with fleeting dreams and hope for 1% of potential, delving deep into the universal themes of love, loss and self-acceptance.

Artist Profile

  • Noa Nakazawa

    Noa Nakazawa is a Japanese actress from Aichi Prefecture. Her career encompasses work in a broad range of media, including television, dramas, and films, predominantly in Tokyo and Aichi. Additionally, she has made a significant impact as a top live-streamer on the live-streaming application "SHOWROOM".

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