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After their iconic release "Higher" and numerous showcases that overwhelm the audience, Mall Boyz is becaming the symbol of Tokyo youth beyond the genre. "f***in' boy" is a new track by gummyboy, who is leading the crew with Tohji expected to have more solo work next year. This single is the first release from the upcoming mixtape scheduled to be released in February 2020.

gummyboy has seen as more introspective and emotional artist before, but with his new track, he shows much more upper and intense aspect as his new character as a artist. The second chapter of gummyboy is just started with this single.

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f***in' boy

Spotify • New Era: Asian Hip-Hop • 6 Mar 2020 Spotify • +81 Connect: J-Hip Hopの「今」と「その先」 • 19 Feb 2020