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The 90th consecutive weekly single from delmontestudio in Shibuya, Tokyo.
The song is an emotional song with a warm melody and a strong beat.

Artist Profile

  • delmontestudio

    Owner and sound designer of DELMONTE STUDIO in Shibuya, Tokyo Through DJ activities started in 1996, he made his major debut as ASTRO from BMG JAPAN in 2006. On the other hand, he is a major telecommunications company and strives to process sound sources for digital contents. After becoming independent in 2012 and establishing DELMONTE STUDIO, Regardless of major or indie music centered on HIPHOP He is involved in the production of sound sources for more than 800 artists with 300 people a year. The method cultivated by self-education twists the existing concept by performing the individually separated work of composition, recording, mixing, and mastering with ALL IN ONE, and proposes a new horizon. Hit songs such as "ISH-ONE / NEW MONEY", "S7ICKCHICKs / My chicks", and "JP THE WAVY / Cho Wavy De Gomenne" have been produced in the studio. He also belongs to the production unit "TEAM2MVCH" with his ally ISH-ONE and the production unit "XKHALIVAS" with SAGGA. He also releases an instrumental work under his personal name "delmontestudio" every other week.

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