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Story of our future on Earth

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This is the 2nd Mini Album "Story of our future on Earth" by singer-songwriter Akiko Nakashima released in 2013.

The album was recorded in Bali, Indonesia with Arif Hendrasto, a percussionist living in Bali, and brought back to Japan.
With the "Plant three trees for every CD in Indonesia." project, 2,230 mangroves were planted in Indonesia and the abandoned pond for shrimp farming was successfully revitalized.In order to restart the project to plant mangroves in Indonesia, a new distribution release has been created! A portion of the proceeds from the distribution release will be continuously donated to the mangrove planting project.

Artist Profile

  • Akiko Nakashima

    Akiko Nakashima - Singer Songwriter Born and raised in Fukuoka Japan. Akiko wanted to be a singer since she was 3. She went to England to study music when she was 18. In 2004, after she graduate from Liverpool Institute for Performing Art (LIPA), she returned to Japan and made her debut album "Tears of Stars" at Columbia Music Entertainment. In 2012, Akiko released mini album called "I Am Home". She made her debut as an actress in the stage production of "The Great Voyage Days" written by Akihiro Nishino, produced by Yoshimoto Kogyou which is one of the larger entertainment management and promotion companies in Japan. The Play was performed at Jimbo-cho Kagetsu theater, one of the Yoshimoto Kogyou's theater in Tokyo for talented young actors and actresses. In 2013, she discovered a conservation group lead by Mr. Yamamoto. They were replanting mangrove trees in Indonesia. Akiko was inspired by his passion and his life-long dedication for environmental issues. She felt the urge to write a song to deliver his message for public awareness of the issue. Akiko released second mini album called "The Story of Our Future on Earth" and started a project that would plant three trees for every CD she sold. Since the project started, over 2,000 mangroves have been planted in Indonesia. In 2014, she performed at Jazz festival held in Fukuoka Japan called "Nakatsu Jazz 2014", as Akiko Nakashima feat. BASARACA BIGBAND. Akiko also performed at the four sacred places of Native American tribes including First Mesa in Hopi Land, Arizona, in US. She was the first Japanese singer who was accepted to perform at the sacred places. In 2015, she performed at "Festival of Bodhisattva" in Vietnam. She sang at cafés, Bed and Breakfasts in New York, Virginia, and New Mexico in US. In 2017, she performed at "Matsuri Japan Festival" which is Japanese summer festival held in Sydney, Australia. About 55,000 people visited the festival. In 2018, she worked on music for a TV commercial for the nutrition product "BI SU", it's catch phrase is beautiful, living. ("BI" means beauty, and "SU" means nests.) (The narration by Mao Daichi. Vocal & Piano by Akiko Nakashima. Viola by Riaki Tobiuo) Akiko loves to travel around the world and create inspirational songs. She is currently living in Tokyo, she performs message songs in Japan and overseas. Her songs reach individuals' hearts and help them heal and find the purity hidden in their mind.

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