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Tokyo-based electro pop producer duo ANIMAL HACK and up and coming indie band EASTOKLAB (of UK PROJECT.) will release 'ICE RED' on Nov. 11. Heavy, throbbing and shimmering digital future bass beats meet and blend with delicate analog band sounds and unique, alt-rock vocals to create an innovative dance track that bridges indie rock with future bass. The two groups share a common background in alternative rock, bringing together their strengths in indie pop rock and electro hyperpop.

EASTOKLAB incorporates their signature band sound free of any synchronized equipment or loop systems, featuring hard synths and dramatic, fluctuating guitars. Weaved within that is ANIMAL HACK's trademark massive sound, utilizing a wide range of sound effects and emotionally satisfying digital precision. The sonic collaboration of a classic rock sound and an electro drop creates a unique and original track.

The title "ICE RED" is a phrase coined by EASTOKLAB, referring to "a flaming red that feels cold to the touch, a fire that once burned so strongly but now is flickering away". The lyrics and emotional vocals depicts the pain in fleeting relationships on the verge of disappearing, a longing tinged with regret that speaks to the listener's soul.

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iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 113 • 11 Nov 2020 Apple Music • Dance Top Songs • Japan • TOP 165 • 16 Nov 2020

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    ANIMAL HACK is a Tokyo-based producer duo consisting of MASAtO and YUtA. Suddenly appearing in 2016 and quickly dominating music streaming platforms, they have built their name as producers and increased their fan base, both domestically and globally. In addition to their iconic style of catchy and clean electronic-based dance music, their personal backgrounds and cultural influence the concepts of their songs, which are often influenced by life in an age of social media and the fluidity of consuming music through streaming. Their song "Franny" was selected by Apple as the theme song for their Shibuya branch renewal ad. Following this, "Pressure" was chosen as one of Apple Music Japan's prestigious "100 best songs in the world representing 2018". On top of crafting original pop hits and chill beats, ANIMAL HACK also works alongside the trendiest up and coming artists such as SIRUP (their collaboration single "Days Gone By" was supported by starRo at the Twilight on the Pier festival in Santa Monica), and 4s4ki, gaining traction as one of Japan's most quickly rising trackmakers, contributing innovative and refreshing concepts to the music industry. The producers themselves curate their own artwork and concepts as well, creating consistent high quality visual content and aesthetics.

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