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ブラックミュージックを基調に変幻自在に進化を続ける2人の女性アーティスト、AKANEとDORA a.k.a Queen Dによるコラボレーション曲「SLAY」。


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iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 30 • 23 Jan 2021 Apple Music • Reggae Top Songs • Nicaragua • TOP 128 • 7 Aug 2022

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Apple Music • Errday • 8 Mar 2021

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  • Akane

    Akane is one of a few female Reggae dancehall singers based in Japan. She has been performing throughout Japan over 10 years with her original style of the combination of singer and deejay style. Released 1st major debut solo album called "Expression" and released 2nd album called "Straighter" with concept of dancehall from different prospectives in following year. Touring all over the Japan and her first solo live was a big success. Not only in Japan, but her works reached in Jamaica and released songs called "Hold me" featuring Busy Signal has been playing on the radio in Jamaica such as, Irie FM, Zip FM and etc. Her 3rd album called "D" also made the strong impression in overseas from the songs she did with Jamaican producers. In 2012, she has moved the label called Magnum Records which is the Japanese Genius Deejay Rudebwoy Face's label for another challenge and dropped 2 singles [Life goes on] and [Rude Gyal] which took first place in Japanese Reggae iTunes, Akane is ready for 2022!!

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  • DORA a.k.a Queen D

    日本のジャマイカ、オキナワで生を受け、 聴くものすべてのココロを動かす天性の歌声を授かった彼女は幼少期からシンガーになることを決意。 その後、活動の拠点を関西に移し、アンダーグラウンドシーンから絶大な支持を受ける。 2016年には日本のレゲエシーンにおいて歴史のあるBob Marley Songs Day コンテストにて優勝を果たし、初のJamaica ・NYへ渡りレコーディング。 2018年には” Sweet Mama Island” を加えた両A面のレコードをリリースし音楽ファンを魅了した。 また自身の作品のみならず、国内外問わず数々のアーティストの客演、コーラスを務め、日本のレゲエシーンにおいて最重要シンガーの一人である。

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