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xiexie collaborates with SOBA Production's video works.
The new song ""Green"" has been completed for the first time in about 9 months since the release of EP ""33""."
Meari's mellow vocals and chill guitar blend together.

xiexie "Green / FILM_SONG."
2023.06.12 OUT
Lyric & Music xiexie
Situation.Tokyo / NF Recordings NFDL-0026

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  • xiexie

    Koda (Vo/gt) ex. NY&BICYCLES , Hida (Dr) ex.all about paradise , Meari (Vo/gt) and Hiraki (Ba) formed in Tokyo in January 2020. A psychedelic alternative band with a chillout of modern nostalgia and novelty. xie xie's performing at events mainly in Tokyo.It hasn't been long since it was formed, but it has already attracted attention from domestic and foreign music lovers.

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Situation.Tokyo / NF Recordings