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コーラスには、ワンボイスチルドレンズクワイヤーのディレクター福田真史(MASA FUKUDA)と子供たちをはじめ多くの人が参加した。

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    A new cheer-up song was born to encourage those who are working hard in their everyday lives.The encouraging lyrics, the repetition of the strong beat over the chorus and the repeated participatory chorus will revive the "energy" from you deep within! The song delivers the courage to go for your own personal "Teppen" which means "Pinnacle" in English. The artist is Yoko Sawada, which her trademark is the fantastic and warm sound of Erhu. The song is a heart-warming cheerleader's song, a complete change from her previous songs, which have developed a unique and emotional Yoko music world. The chorus was joined by One Voice Children's director Masa Fukuda and selected children from the choir. The song is going to be adopted as a support song in a theatre film (Title undisclosed) to be released in 2023.

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