1. Hino-shizumu-miya
  2. Tenryu
  3. Hagoromo
  4. Rikka
  5. Tsukuyomi

Izumo, land of myths...
The fane of the sunrise, which rules daytime (Ise Shrine), and the fane of the sunset, which rules nighttime (Hinomisaki Shrine).
The sun and the moon, a god Izanagi and a goddess Izanami are united, and the lands of Japan have been born.


Rin-hitoe, a neo-Japanesque band from Kyoto. We play music based on Kyoto's aesthetic grown up in its long history, adding traditional elements such as Japanese folk instruments, verse and dance. Working with the concept of the beauty of Japanese sound, we express the sights and seasonal moods of Japan through sound.

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