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This is the 1st full album of Japanese city pop band, khaki's. After debuting with "Tokyo Midnight (feat. boraras)" in August 2019, all the singles released in advance, "Hajimari no uta", "Switch", "Harubiyori" were featured in the media such as Spotify official playlist and Tower Doors. All the songs in this album are not only styled like 80's city pop music, but also characterized by colorful sounds with soul and rock taste, and they are new and have a nostalgic sound. Also, the vocals that will captivate you once you listen to Eri Fujimoto are also noteworthy.

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Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Russian Federation • TOP 93 • 31 Aug 2022

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Spotify • Women's Voice • 3 Feb 2021 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 6 Feb 2021

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  • khaki's

    khaki's, a Japanese city pop band which was formed in 2017. The style of this band is mainly influenced by 80's city pop, it has include the elements of Soul / R&B, Rock and Modern music with Nostalgic. Also, pay attention to the vocals, Eri Fujimoto, who makes you addict to once you listen to her singing voice. Lively activities in Tokyo live houses and clubs. Their debut single, "Tokyo Midnight" is created in the image of midnight Shibuya, will be available in each subscription media in August 2019. And 2nd single, "Hajimari no uta" has been selected for the Spotify official playlist and is still being distributed.

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