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"TIME FOR LOVE" is a unique composition of vocals, guitar, shakuhachi, and percussion. Their second album brings 80's pop music back to the present day. This time, in addition to 11 songs that are refreshing and light in the atmosphere of "early summer", 2 bonus tracks are included. The highlight is the catchy sound that exquisitely digests the taste of the 80's, such as the popular songs "Perchance to Dream" and "Your Airship" at the concert. Remastered version (2022 version).

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    A man's heart that is hard to understand, a mysterious kindness and shadow, such a mysterious charm rides on a beautiful melody and a refreshing singing voice, and you will want to sing along. A unique unit that wraps you up when you're depressed or energetic. Showky Saezawa (Vo, G), Van Eyshoew(Shakuhachi), and Gold Wolf (Perc) will deliver refreshing and slightly hot pop music with a taste of City Pop (the 70s and 80s). The 3rd album "The far side of the dollar" recorded 4th place in the United States on the J-Pop chart of iTunes USA.

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