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"KonPeiTo" is the debut single of "MoadEdge," a newly formed and promising music collective group established in Tokyo in 2023. Created by HAMELN, a hip-hop producer, rapper/singer, the songwriting and composition, along with the music production, sound mixing, art direction, and overall production, were produced by MoadEdge. This track depicts two individuals gazing at the shimmering light in the darkness of the city, reflecting the contrast between their false selves and the diminished connections in contemporary society, and the truly radiant world. The momentous and emotional melody, along with the transparent vocals and the unique rhythmic beats with a floating sensation created by high-quality sound production, characterize this medium-slow flow. While incorporating elements of hip-hop and R&B, the song achieves a new and relaxing J-POP music style that seamlessly harmonizes refined digital and analog sounds, inviting you into a chill-out mood anytime. The melodious sound, which has never been heard before, will envelop you and surely lead you to the Real Beautiful World.

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  • MoadEdge

    MoadEdge, a cutting-edge music collective composed of DJ, trackmaker, sound engineer, moviemaker, creativedirector, and producer, debuted in April 2024. Based in Tokyo, Japan, MoadEdge creates unique and innovative sounds by blending vibrant harmonies from various genres, including J-pop, Hiphop, R&B, Soul, Electro, and Alternative, while breaking free from conventional genre definitions and musical boundaries. They are set to transmit next-generation street culture from Tokyo to the world.

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