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A spring reverb that spreads like haze, a tremolo that sways in the room. The sweetly melancholy tone of a good old bizarre guitar.
The latest in the series of Teppei Takahashi's solo project, Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session, Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 4 is his latest album since about a year and a half and is purely solo instrumental guitar with simple drums.
The ensemble on this album consists only of a vintage guitar and simple drums. With the delightfully unique and withered tone of the bizarre guitar, chords boldly detuned by a vibrato unit like a surf music style, and creatively accented glitch noises that sample daily life and environmental ambience, traditional blues guitar licks are lightly spun with a rough garage feeling and a lyrical arpeggio.
Among the gems showcased in this fourth installment of TTGS are Toast, a new song with a rare funk style reminiscent of Khruangbin; a downtempo arrangement of Samgha from TTGS1; and Konjou no Kitsune, another brand new piece with a warm country touch. In addition, this album covers beloved classic oldies such as Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" and Santo & Johnny's "Sleep Walk" with abstract arrangements.
Inspired by roots music, kind of blues, mondo, rock 'n' roll, Hawaiian, and country rock, TTGS4 is an easy listening treasure akin to an exquisitely comfortable lounge.
If you like the tropical and exotic works of UK guitarist Mike Cooper, the retro rock 'n' roll revival represented by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, the nostalgic sound world of Italian OPEZ, or the solo work of ex-SLINT's guitarist David Pajo, this album is definitely for you. It's also well suited to those who fancy indie and personal expression, such as the retro pop world view of duo

She & Him with Zooey Deschanel, an actress famous for the love movie "500 Days of Summer" in Japan.
Special thanks to the support of Sachio Takayama (Plaktilts, ex. Fukuro, ex. Energish Golf, also recently in charge of music production and performance by contemporary dancer Yoko Honaga). He shows off simple drumming while adding wonderful inflection to the music.
The jacket artwork was drawn by Yvette Richey, a local artist from Peoria, which is near Chicago. Album graphic design was provided by Tomoko Yamazaki, aka zaaccck, who lives in Nagano. Artist photo was taken by Yuki Akase of Tokyo.
Keiichi Kobayashi of Strawberry House, who recorded, mixed, and mastered the first three albums of the TTGS series, continues to offer his expertise in TTGS 4. In addition, this album was recorded at Nanahari in Hatchobori, Tokyo.

Artist Profile

  • Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session

    Teppei Takahashi is a guitarist, composer in Tokyo who played the band " Cai" for 1999-2005 and plays as a composer, bassist, guitarist of kowloon from 2006-. Both bands have played mainly in Japan, released some EPs and albums from indie and major label. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session plays not only session with others but his solo oriented project with the hollow-body electric, electric nylon guitar, a combo amp, some effects and a sampler. The sound is making from his own guitar tone influenced by various genre of pop, blues, jazz, experimental and ethnic music. And also he is extending his style to minimal ambient dub tracks. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 1 EP released in Nov, 2016. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 2 EP released in July, 2017. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 3 EP released in May, 2018. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 4 EP released in Feb, 2021.

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