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Sweet and painful youth dance music following the previous work "Kimi to I".
Track making is a digital sound full of danceable elements, and the drummer / Shingo's live drums double the amount of heat.
Twin vocal Junya + Nakamura's vocal chorus work also has a wonderful spread.
And above all, it is the "words" of this work.
This is why it really means something important now.
"UnpRayable" sound.
You definitely need it too.

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  • UnpRayable

    The dance pop mixture band "DUFF", which was formed in 2006 and lives in Kyoto. Major debut from avex (cutting edge) in September 2009. He has been actively engaged in live activities such as appearing in large-scale festivals such as "Kyoto Daisakusen," "α-nation," and "Inazuma Rock Fes." Since the tie-up of MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System "Minna no Koshien", he has been supported as a youth support song by athletes and his teenagers, and has appeared not only in live houses but also in match venues and local events. In November 2017, he established his own label after joining a new member. Released the album "STAY GOLD" after a long time. The limited-edition single "GET FREE" will be released from avex in a row. In May 2019, he transferred the record company to Universal Music and released the single "HERO". In December 2020, suddenly stopped the activity of "DUFF" with a one-man live distribution. In 2021, DUFF's Nakamura / Shingo, with the addition of Vo.JUNYA, changed the artist name to "UnpRayable" and finally started !! JUNYA's voice creates a new style with the catchy and pop melody and straight lyrics created by Nakamura. Ampre sound that pierces all Japanese regardless of age or sex!

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