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Sendai city-based hip-hop unit GAGLE releases their first new single in almost a year, "Krossfader," which addresses the need for action, mutual understanding and fusion, based on the theme of the "crossfader," the most important part of the DJ mixer. DJ Mitsu the Beats' disturbing, heavy, and carefully crafted hip-hop beats. Tight scratching by DJ Mu-R, who runs the record store "Proceed" and fostered Sendai's music culture with his friends. HUNGER raps about the importance of working on your own and understanding others, even when you feel crushed by the atmosphere and anxiety of the times. The trinity. The stable GAGLE is alive and well. The contact point revival festival opens now.

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 17 • 17 Aug 2022

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    Formed in 1996, Miyagi,Sendai-based HIP HOP artist Mitsu the Beats, HUNGER, and DJ Mu-R. Debuted in 2001 with "Bust the Facts". They have been actively collaborating with overseas artists since the early 2000's, mainly with Mitsu the Beats, and have gained a high level of credibility worldwide. After performing at numerous live events and music festivals, GAGLE released there sixth album "Vanta Black" in 2018, and successfully toured across the country in 35 locations. and will release a new song "I feel, I will" in March 2021.

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