Front Cover


  1. still
  2. curtins
  3. missu
  4. things i think
  5. true believer
  6. important
  7. out of ma biz

it is by google translation.
please lead my mind.

If this is ep this time it is the third piece. It will become the first time if it is an album. It is confident of the street artist dodo who is loved by leading players in Japan. As a concept, I made a work to heal the leading players. To people who cut down their lives for something every day. I will dedicate this work to the stars on the ground. I will not be beaten to anyone who I am loved by a hiphop and loved as a man. It is a voice of Japanese voice that spreads in subspaces between the prime and the reality. Does the day the dodo will be approved? It is a solitary treasure work made entirely independent. Honest my recognition is a work that sowed seeds of street culture in Japan in the 2020s, and it is a work that I absorbed and got what I received from the 2010s. You surely understand why dodo is necessary for Japanese market. I blew here, but I'm happy if anyone changes something with this song. love