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Toki's latest single "YES and NO" is finally released. The song features an aggressive beat and an ear-catching hook, but it has a deeper message than just being pleasant to listen to.

The central theme of the lyrics is that "there is more than one answer to things. There are countless choices in life, and none of them are right or wrong. In other words, no one choice is better than another, and each has its own unique value. This profound theme is well incorporated into the catchy and accessible lyrics, encouraging listeners to think about it from different angles.

Furthermore, Toki's longtime friend M.A-Z (Mars) is a guest artist on this album, adding a new dimension and energy to the songs, and the combination of M.A-Z's unique style and Toki's music further emphasizes the message of the songs and gives them a new appeal. The song's message is further emphasized and a new appeal is born.

In addition, a music video for "YES and NO" will be released on July 6. The video is expected to visually express the complex themes behind the song and add even more depth to the song. With this single eagerly awaited for release, listeners should be ready to savor a new musical experience.

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  • Toki

    Member of dance vocal group N0NAME He first encountered dance at the age of 16 and started HIPHOP dancing at 18. A full-fledged dancer who also worked as a back-up dancer and instructor. In N0NAME, he writes lyrics, choreographs, and raps. His rapping is highly acclaimed, and he also shows his versatile side by producing videos.

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