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Super Climbing Club is aiming for the pinnacle of music and is releasing their second single, "Ishi Hiroi" to the world. This single allows listeners to feel the unity and growth of the members, who have strengthened their legs and feet through rigorous mountain climbing in the summer mountains.

"Ishi Hiroi" is characterized by its 7/8 time signature, offering a new musical experience to the listener by sublimating its complex rhythm into pop music. The male and female twin vocals enchant the listeners with their delicate yet powerful voices, coloring the song. While being catchy, the sound has depth, sure to draw in many music fans.

This work reflects the musical diversity of Super Climbing Club and their deep love and passion for music. The unique senses and passions of the members are merged, producing a more mature sound. This new single is undoubtedly a milestone, marking a new step for the band.

With its unprecedented, innovative, and refreshing music, Super Climbing Club is once again bringing a fresh breeze to the music world. Its cutting-edge musicality and intricate rhythm structure will surely provide deep emotion and excitement to the listeners. Experience the new world of music from Super Climbing Club with "Ishi Hiroi."

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