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This album "WATER" contains tunes imagined from various energies felt during a pilgrimage to special places related to water (mainly Japanese shrines, temples, wells, and other supernatural places).

As you know, water is valued as a sacred element as a symbol of purification in ancient and modern eastern and western cultures.

98% of our bodies are filled with water, and all living things and plants on The Earth cannot live without water.

From such water, I feel a gentle "compassion."

Water is gentle, gracious, moisturizing, and soothing our mind and body. Water also nurtures our foods and brings the blessings of harvest.

Thanks to that, we will be able to get "comfort" from water, both mentally and physically, and be kind to the people around us and the natural environment.

I consider it a "Chain of Kindness."

A drop of water becomes a source, a stream or a lake, a spill of waterfall, a grand river, and eventually the sea.

In that "circulation of water," we benefit from our minds and bodies, our land and our food, but now our civilized society continues to pollute water and nature.

If the water gets dirty or withers, everything will die.

"Water, the mother of the universe"

I think that if we value water more and have a "caring heart", the earth and us can "live with caring" together. I wish I could live that way.

People in the old days cherished "water" so much that they worshiped it like as "God ."

I hope you will feel "the kindness that water cares for all living things" in this album.

Artist Profile

  • Soundtherapist MAKOTO

    She started playing the piano from an early age, and at the turning point of her life, she was inspired by "sound" and began to improvise. She meets the instrument "Makoto" with the same name as herself, and she pursues "expression of healing by sound" by improvising "piano" and "Makoto". She faces her essence "How do I want to be?" "How do I want to live?" And at that time when she takes her breath "How do I want to die?" She is always asking and working. She continues to broadcast live on Facebook under the name of "Healing Live Streaming" and has gained global acclaim and many fans. She also holds regular real concerts (although currently difficult due to the influence of COVID-19).

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