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    After gaining studio experience in Tokyo and LA, I started Studio Decibel in 2008. The beats I create are based on a wide range of musical knowledge, spanning genres such as Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B. These beats are popular for meeting the needs of artists and clients while providing fresh inspiration. My engineering skills in recording sessions are highly regarded for bringing out the best in an artist's natural talent. I possess a broad range of knowledge and techniques, from mixing down with an overseas Hip Hop approach to tailoring mixes for the Japanese market, always delivering beyond clients' expectations. Additionally, I release tracks under the name ONODUB on my own label, featuring various guest artists. Recently, I have also released numerous instrumental beats under the alias Cavo Tagood and have performed on major stages as a live support member for the urban hardcore band "Wangan no Hitsuji," exploring new frontiers in my career. Works AK-69 "Ding Ding Dong - Kokoro no Kane -" Yuki Takei "To you..." from the album "my home" Shinpeita "Daijoubu da" from the album "042-958-XXXX" DJ MASTERKEY from the album "DADDY'S HOUSE Vol.1 2024 Remix" Hiroi Dai from the album "Natsune" Hey! Say! JUMP "CUBE DANCE" Mixdown Creepy Nuts "Trench Coat Mafia" Sheep living on edge "2020 Rising Sun" vo recording International Nipsey Hussle "Squeeze First" Daz Dillinger "I Feel Like It Waz 1995" feat. DJ Dopeman & Mr. Oz & G. Cue DJ COUZ "Floating" feat. G. Malone, B-Real, Brooke Taylor & Onodub

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