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柔らかい戯れに注いだ朝 唇を辿るように絡んだ爪痕が

疑う事をはじめて 何かが少しずつ音を立てて消えた

グラスの向こうに映った 優しい日々が終わりを告げた

ずっと側にいるから 忘れないでと

染み付いた言葉さえ 今は何もいらないから

ずっと側で笑ってよ 少しだけでいい

わかってる 知ってるの いつかの夢が終わっていた事を

「懐かしい匂いね」と 微笑んでみたけれど

羽が生えたとしても 飛べない事ぐらい

戸惑う事を見過ごして 何かを少しずつ合わせようとしたよ

扉の向こうに装った 悲しい日々が終わりを告げた

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between the night Front Cover

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Debuted in September 2020 with his first single "The Night and the Lie". The sweet and sad "nostalgia" of a mature adult. He has a masculine soulful voice and a sensitive whisper voice. After the release of his music video, his voice, percussive acoustic sound, and lyrical worldview became a hot topic not only in Japan but also overseas, and his debut song "The Night and the Lie" recorded 1 million views on YouTube in 3 months.
No. 6 on the iTunes Store R&B/Soul Top Songs in Taiwan.
In Apple Music R&B/Soul Top Music Video Ranking, it charted at No.2 in Mongolia and No.5 in Bolivia. 2nd single "Valencia Sky" charted at No.1 in Kyrgyzstan J-POP chart, No.4 in Macau and Armenia. His fourth single "Rain" reached No. 2 and No. 4 on the J-POP charts in Bolivia and Armenia, followed by Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Hong Kong, rapidly gaining overseas listeners.
The sound was produced by Kentaro Ishigaki, who has supported former Pizzicato Five member Maki Nomiya on her tours and participated in recordings by Mika Nakajima, Karen Aoki, and others.
His minimalist acoustic sound is blended with global textures such as Soul, Folk, Latin, and Jazz. He is a singer-songwriter whose future activities are attracting attention.
On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, he released his long-awaited first album, "between the night.

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    A unique singer-songwriter who made his debut in his 40s while running his own company and working as an independent artist. Without belonging to an office or a label, HANCE himself gathered creators in various fields and launched the project. With his "desire" to "make music that adults can enjoy" by utilizing his own experience of traveling the world, he debuted in September 2020 with his first single "The night and the lie" The music video, shot in Valencia, Spain, became a hot topic not only in Japan but around the world after its release, and the debut song "The night and the lie" recorded 1 million views on YouTube in 3 months. and charted at #6 on the iTunes Store R&B Soul Top Songs in Taiwan, #2 in Mongolia and #5 in Bolivia on the Apple Music R&B/Soul Top Music Video Charts, and his second single "Valencia Sky" charted at #1 on the J-Pop Charts in Kyrgyzstan, Macau, and #4 in Armenia. and #4 in Armenia; 4th single "Rain" charted at #2 and #4 on the J-Pop charts in Bolivia and Armenia. In Azerbaijan, his 5th single "Marble Traveler" reached No.5 on the J-pop chart and his album song "SMOKE" reached No.6. Jpop Top Albums and reached No. 3 on the Jpop Top Albums chart. The album's lead song "SMOKE" was playlisted on Spotify's major playlists "Tokyo Rising", "soul Music Japan", and "New Music Wednesday". And the album's interview was featured on U.S. Billboard and tweeted alongside Ariana Grande, Weeknd, and other top artists from around the world.

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