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Futures is a "City Hip Music" band born out of Tokyo's music scene, which is a whirlwind of Reggae, Hip Hop, City Pop, Alternative, and a new generation.
Focusing on their fusion of reggae and dub music, HONEY meets ISLAND CAFE offered a summer song, a surf dub track with a mixture of freshness and sadness.
This is a single cut from "Sea of Love 8," a collaborative album with the popular surf compilation "HONEY meets ISLAND CAFE" and FM Yokohama's popular program "SHONAN by the Sea!

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  • futures

    In 2021, Futures was formed and began performing under the banner of "City Hip Music". The band's roots are in Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop, and other hip-hop genres, and their groovy band sound is characterized by dub effects and vocal melodies that drift through the air, creating a sound that sways comfortably. They also organize "New Now!" parties, a fusion of live music clubs and clubs, and have created a unique culture, a party that fuses live music clubs and clubs. Translated with (free version)

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