1. Croton

I was fascinated at first glance by the appearance of small leaves popping out from the leaves. The leaf was a plant called the flying leaf of the genus Croton.

When I was in my thirties and was thinking about my own way of life again, I first met my partner's father. At that time, I was told that I had a hobby in the past about plants and hydroponics, and I learned why my partner was unique.
Shall I give you plant cuttings if you like? I was happy and full of heart, and the song was on the next day.

I had never thought of living in the sea town because I liked green, but I decided to fate and moved to a sunny house with bright scenery.
As soon as you walk, you can see the sea and town.
From the window of the room, the green and the bark of the bird.

I didn't have to be bound by a plan, and sometimes it was good to have an adventure, so I made this song.

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iTunes Store • オルタナティブ トップソング • 日本 • 143位 • 2020年6月2日

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Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 2020年6月16日 Spotify • Women's Voice • 2020年6月3日


Babi Composer. Produced mainly for creating contemporary sounds in chamber music. While observing colors, food, events, music, plants, insects, emotions, etc., I put them into various songs like a diary. I produce a lot of domestic TV commercial music, game music, collection music and video works, and music for exhibitions.

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