1. SLICK
  3. EDEN

LOKA will be releasing their REMODEL album, "ALTERED AUDIO"! Album includes re-recorded versions of SLICK, FROM YESTERDAY, EDEN, GOD'S GONE TO VEGAS and TSUBASA TRIGGER.
After welcoming new members, the sound has evolved dramatically and those sounds must be recorded.
The quality of each songs are graded up!!
LOKA fans can enjoy the new taste of the same songs.
Since the price of the album is casual and the album is stored with the favorite songs, it can also be used to introduce LOKA to your friend casually. Help them deliver this sound!


LOKA Vocals: Kihiro LOKA is an Alternative Hard Rock band based out of Tokyo/Japan. But they're music do not sound "Japanese", if you listen to they're music you'll find the music back bone to be more American Hard Rock. Also combined with raging synthesizer and digital drum beats, they're music do not stop only at live houses but spread to the club music scene. Created in 6/09/2012 by vocalist KIHIRO & drummer KEN'ICHI. While they seek for their official guitar and bass player, the two "well-experienced" musicians kick off their debut EP and 1st album on the same year followed by a national tour, immediately selling both over 1,000 copies on their release. In 2013, they join KATSUMI (bass) & SIN (guitar) as an official member which boosted their tour quality, playing Taiwan's biggest festival FORMOZ FES'13 in August, drawing over 1,000 people in two shows at Jakarta, Indonesia, they also accomplish a single European tour (Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Belgium) including JAPAN EXPO Belgium '13. In 2014, they released their 2nd album followed by another single European tour adding more countries (Poland, Chez, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Belgium) also appearing at JAPAN EXPO France '14. In 2015, they take most of their time on their new album creation. While working for their 3rd album, they welcome MIRO as their new bass player. In 2016, after releasing their 3rd album and a national tour, again they are called for Taiwan's NO FEAR Festival '16. In November, they also released a "split CD album" with their good friend JAWEYE, expanding their audience. The split CD 6 song album, including 3 new songs from each band. 2017, LOKA toured United States(July) 20 shows, 20 shows as guest touring band for year 2000 Billboard top artist CRAZY TOWN UK Tour and 10 countries in Europe including 2 convention festivals in Lyon and Nantes, France. 2018, LOKA welcomes RIU as their official guitarist. RIU has traveled all World Tours with LOKA in 2017. They have performed at Ennichi Fes/Indonesia,Jakarta in June appearing in front of 300,000 audience. They will also be performing in KAMEN Fes/Costa Rica in July(approx 60,000 people), and TOUCH Fes/Vietnam in August(approx 10,000 people). They also released their Re-recorded album "ALTERED AUDIO" performed by their new members on June, and planned to follow with their New Album in the fall. They are ready to hit the world again with both of these albums.

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