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Hiroki Izumi, an artist whose music activities center on posting on YouTube, has released a new digital single, "ANEMONE".

This is a self-contained song that I did all the lyrics, composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering myself.
It features a retro atmosphere, an intro that starts with a low-pitched voice, and lyrics that describe a faint and fleeting love.

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    Japanese singer-songwriter. From an early age he was exposed to music, singing hymns at the mass of the school he attended. he started playing drums in junior high school and was active in a band. He belongs to a vocal group and performs nearly 100 times a year, including various media such as TV and radio, as well as local events, art appreciation parties, and lighting ceremonies. He works nationwide. After that, she started solo activities after his group disbanded, and he won multiple contests for his original songs while doing behind-the-scenes work such as chorus and vocal coach. Around 2020, he moved the center of his activities to Youtube, and when he started posting songs such as playing and singing covers, he had 10,000 subscribers in a year and exceeded 2,000,000 cumulative views. doing activities.

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