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This work is a love song based on the theme of "lost love".
SonSon and I met through Sugar, an organizer in Kansai, and we hit it off and started working on this song.
The song was created with a melody line that sounds like a love song from the Heisei era in mind, and the lyrics incorporate the feelings and experiences of both of them from their past heartbreak.

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In a Dream

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    Born in 1990 in Kumamoto, Japan and currently living in Chiba, Japan. His first encounter with hip-hop was in junior high school. He started his career in the countryside without any friends, and as a result he became a DIY artist, doing everything himself, including beats, recording, mixing, etc. As a beatmaker, he specializes in boombap-based chill sounds with jazz elements, and as a rapper, he is a versatile artist characterized by his skillful rapping and smooth flow. He was active in Tokyo and on the Internet as a solo artist, contributing songs to CREW and TORAUMA (rapper), but went on hiatus in 2023 after 4 years of inactivity, and was brought back to the surface by TORAUMA, and has been active as a solo artist with monthly releases ever since. In 2023, TORAUMA's "TSUBAKI", for which SEESAW had worked on beats in the past, created a buzz, especially on TikTok.

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