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Last year, immediately after his new album was released, two of the tracks entered the Spotify Viral 50 Japan at No.1 and No.2, respectively. Kotaro Saito, who is always in the spotlight and has a total of seven songs chosen for the Spotify official playlist, including three new songs released in February and March this year, will be putting out his new release "Memento" on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

This new track is a joint release with composer Hajime Uchiyama, who is considered to be the leading figure in Japan's commercial music industry and is also known for his work with 2CELLOS, and Takehiko Kamata, a pioneer in the sound of the coommercial music industry for about 30 years and the mixing engineer who is the pillar of Kotaro Saito's sound.

The bewitching psychedelic tones of guitars most carefully selected by hardened veteran Uchiyama from the legendary instruments and the dizzying dynamics of Kotaro Saito's analog synth are fused by Kamata's dense, magical mixing. This dramatic, world-class piece of music, which can't be labeled as psychedelic rock, dubstep or electro, was created through a collaboration that spans the generations.

"Memento" is a tune that carries on the context of "Brainstorm", which was a bit hit on Spotify, and ramps up the aggression. We hope you will listen to it in highly immersive situations, like when chilling late at night with a drink in one hand, to add some powerful spice when studying or thinking, or as game music that completely consumes your mind. As he releases new songs at a pace of one per month, there are lots of things to look forward to in his future.

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  • Kotaro Saito

    Composer & Music Producer. Spent the three years of junior high school in India and during that time taught himself piano and songwriting. After graduating from Keio University he joined Hakuhodo and after five years working there he went independent and began creating music for commercials, stage productions, and shows. In 2018, "Byo no Ma" and "Brainstorm" ranked in at 1st and 2nd respectively in Japan on Spotify Viral 50. In 2019, he collaborated with many different artists; releasing a song every month. Currently, the total number of plays on Spotify have exceeded 3 million. His songs are liked throughout the world, especially in Asia, Europe, the US, and Japan and he is gaining increasing attention as he expands his influence to giving speeches and writing columns among other activities.

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  • Hajime Uchiyama

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  • Takehiko Kamada

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