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The three have encountered at a music in 1997. The manager there named them "WAVE". "WAVE" had been a back chorus group. They performed at concerts of popular singers. They sometimes acted in comedy shows. 15th anniversary since WAVE started was a good opportunity for them to rethink their future.The there changed the name of the group "JIJO" in 2012. JIJO means the second girl in siblings and all of the three. Recently, the three involved in music separately rather than performing as a united group until last year. Then Ryoko Kosaka, one of the three suggested to release the 1st album for the 20th anniversary of the encountering. The first album"KATACHI" was released 22nd Nov.2017. KATACHI stands for something invisible made into visible. 7 songs in 8 were completely original including message to Moms,couple and love songs as well. This album has emission to make people HAPPY!

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