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save my heart

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Sweden • TOP 9 • 2 Nov 2023 iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United Kingdom • TOP 11 • 18 Oct 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Sweden • TOP 69 • 2 Nov 2023

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save my heart

Spotify • Tokyo Rising • 13 Sep 2023 Spotify • TOKYO GROOVE selected by DJ HASEBE • 19 Sep 2023 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 13 Sep 2023 Spotify • The Pulse of J-Rap • 16 Sep 2023 Spotify • Monday Spin • 18 Sep 2023 Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 19 Sep 2023 Spotify • Women's Voice • 13 Sep 2023 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 13 Sep 2023

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  • Sagiri Sól

    Sagiri Sól is a singer-songwriter from Japan and Iceland. Influenced by her diverse cultural background she has developed a genre-less music that allows her characterful, powerful, and husky voice to shine. In July 2021, she made her first appearance on the single "Over The Moon" with an alternative R&B singer, VivaOla. The song featured in various official playlists on Spotify JAPAN, such as "Tokyo Rising" and "Soul Music", and brought her recognition as a promising singer. Her second release "(Da Da Da) Day One" together with the rapper Wez Atlas, also featured in top playlists, such as "Tokyo Rising" and "Monday Spin". In April 27th 2022, Sagiri Sól made her much anticipated solo debut with "Himitsu (Undercover)". Her infectious and soulful voice has caught the attention of many listeners, and her future as an emerging artist is looking extremely bright and hopeful.

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