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U.for has been attracting audiences with its versatile expression using singing and rapping on various tastes of music from chill sounds to danceable and funky sounds, as its released songs have been playlisted on various streaming sites in Japan and abroad. The long-awaited new song, which comes about two months after the release of their second album "FLAVA," is a collaboration with Lugz&Jera, who represent the Japanese R&B scene! 3rd Memory Flowing Shine a light The hands of the clock slowly begin to move U.for sings about "a woman's heart that starts moving with time. The third season, I'm still Lonely. I'm still busy every day, and yet I suddenly remember Memories. Lugz&Jera sings about "the heart of a man whose time has stopped. Three years ago. Three years ago, they were in love. The passing of time is drawing them apart. A love song that depicts the heartbreaking differences between a man and a woman.

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