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Rapper "nokki", owner of the okonomiyaki restaurant "Maimai", has released two new songs, "UFO" and "The Party Continues" featuring singer CHAN-MIKA.
Two new songs have arrived.
Produced by the Yokohama MPC band MEATERS, with DJ DIG-IT, KEN5, and Goro Kumai, KREVA's back DJ, in charge of mixing and mastering, and with the full cooperation of MEATERS, a classic that continues to resonate emotionally on the floor and in bars late at night is completed!

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  • nokki

    REPRESENT NORTH Yokohama, RAPPER, TEPPAN TV ORGANIZER, owner of Okonomiyaki Restaurant Maimai. He is also the owner of Okonomiyaki Maimai, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and a veteran rapper with a career spanning more than 20 years. Currently known as MC of KKP, he is also active as a solo artist and beat-maker, and is energetically performing and producing music. Heads already know that his style of covering a wide range of music from piercing lyrical songs such as "NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE" to party tunes such as "BEER" is truly an iron plate without a mesh! He has produced the famous punch line, "Losing and okonomiyaki are upside down." He is loved by people in the neighborhood, and although the location is not flattering for accessibility, his personality and taste have attracted people from many directions to his restaurant, "Okonomiyaki Maimai," which is still frequented by customers today. His rapping skills have never stopped over his long career, and his alcohol tolerance level has been increasing with age, making him a drinking machine that sits proudly in the northern Yokohama area today.

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