Magical Rod

  1. Winter Is Coming
  2. Dear
  3. Kiss of the Dragon
  4. The Troll
  5. Destiny
  6. Winterfell
  7. The Narrow Sea
  8. Get me... (Acoustic Version)
  9. Pu la Ri (Remaster Version)

Shogo Shirata

Born in Fukushima Prefecture, living in Kyoto City, freelancer. Active in a wide range of activities such as live production, music production, guitar instructors, and artist support. They handle everything from play of almost all parts to sound make-up, and the music produced from there is very diverse. In addition to acoustic performances with only one guitar and vocals on the stage, he also excels at playing with loop stations and playing while over-recording phrases and singing voices played on the spot. Continue to attract a large audience with these colorful sounds and performances.

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