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Introducing "Yunagi to Ao (sunset calm and blue)"

Step into a world where melancholy pop melodies gracefully entwine with the ethereal essence of folktronica. This exquisite track embodies a fusion of emotions, painting a poignant tale with each note.

Transcending boundaries, this composition weaves together a tapestry of transparent vocals, jazzy piano floating like a gentle breeze, ambient sounds that whisper secrets, glitch elements that add a touch of inspiration, and the delicate caress of soft drum brushes.

Within this musical masterpiece emerges a captivating pop song, an ode to a mother's tender affection for her daughter, who resides in a distant city. It encapsulates the longing, the yearning, and the depth of love that transcends physical distance.

Crafted by the masterful hands of ambient electronica artist Kohei Kita, the sound production, arrangement, and drumming converge to create an immersive experience. Accompanying this sonic landscape, the piano and bass melodies are gracefully orchestrated by the talented post-classical artist, Mimura Shingo.

Prepare to be transported on a journey of emotions as "Yunagi to Ao" enchants your soul with its mesmerizing melodies and heartfelt narrative.

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  • najuta

    najuta is the project of tano shirou, who writes lyrics and composes music in Kyoto. The project consisting of various artists as co-composers and arrangers.

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