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[Folk singer rapper Shiro Shinigami's 3rd single]
Shiro Shinigami started his career as a folk singer and rapper in February 2021.
In October 2021, he released his first single "Syunenno Rap Mouiccyo" and in May 2022, his second single "Refrigerator", both of which reached No. 2 on the iTunes Store - Hip-Hop/Rap Top Songs - Japan -.
In April 2022, he participated in the MC battle event "Shin ADRENALINE - Shinsei BATTLE Gaiden Hen", further advancing his career as a rapper.

The current work "Kamitokami" is the third rap song, and is a one-track distribution single with only the title track, with MC Michi as director and DJ Whitesmith as beatmaker.
Lyrically, the song asks the question, "How do you live with your handicap?"

Tomoe Ooshima (RiqrhoAre) created the jacket artwork for the single.
The cover photo features Shiro Shinigami and Anna Uchiyama as models, with hair and makeup by Ellie, styling by Maya, and photographs by Misuzu Shibuya.

Lyric...Shiro Shinigami
Producer:DJ Whitesmith
Director:MC Michi
Recording Engineer:Ihito Harasawa(SONIC BAND STUDIO)

Photo...Misuzu Shibuya
Model...Anna Uchiyama,Shiro Shinigami
Design...Tomoe Ooshima (RiqrhoAre)

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 3 • 11 Sep 2022 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 55 • 11 Sep 2022

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  • Shiro Shinigami

    Shiro Shinigami is a Japanese folk singer rapper based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been active since 2004 under the name Shinigami, playing guitar&vocal and drums&vocal and Butoh etc.He changed his name to Shiro Shinigami in 2018.He also started his career as a rapper in 2021. He has participated in the freestyle MC battle competitions Shin ADRENALINE Shinsei BATTLE Gaiden Hen and The 2nd Enjyo Banpaku Zan. Some of his best-known works include. Cows must be butchered (iTunes Store/Apple Music Folk Top MV #1 in Japan) Ningen Jukai (iTunes Store Folk Top Song #1 in Japan) Neboke Manako (iTunes Store Folk Top Song #1 in Japan) KamitoKami (iTunes Store Hip-Hop Rap Top MV #1 in Japan) Monologue (iTunes Store Hip-Hop Rap Top Song #1 in Japan)

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