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A supporting song with the message "we aim to be someone's hero and never give up your dreams no matter how old you are". Rakuten Eagles infielder "Uchida Hayato" selected this song for his 2019 season opening song.

Ryosuke Kadomatsu

Formed acoustic duo "Himari" in 2002. With a track record of selling a total of 10,000 CDs, he had his mejor debut in 2007 with the mini album "Himari." Later released 3 mini albums and 4 singles. The 4th single was ranked highest at Oricon daily ranking at 16! After 13 years of activity as "Himari", at the end of March 2016, he started solo activities! With the slogan "From local Kansai to nationwide!", While performing 100 lives a year throughout the country, he starred in radio, television, and MC as a multiplayer. Major re-debute on his first solo album "Ookini" on September 13, 2017!

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