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親から子への”無償の愛”を表現した楽曲。大切な人の存在は、いつもより空が綺麗に思えたり、街中で聞こえる音の温かさを感じたり、何気ない日々を幸せに思えるなど、そんな気持ちが歌詞には込められている。今作は、風鈴の音や蝉の声、「CHOYA 夏梅」をイメージして泡の音が入っていたりと、夏の風景を感じることが出来る、温かく爽やかな楽曲。清涼飲料「CHOYA 夏梅」のCMソングに決定している。

Artist Profile

  • Yu Ishigaki

    A female singer from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.After moving to Tokyo from Ishigaki Island, she formed the childhood friend "Yanawaraba".Debuted in 2003 with "Aoi Treasure".The album "Uta Gusui", which includes "Dear Sir XX" and "Ichigo Ichie", which were selected as the theme songs of the drama, has attracted a lot of attention such as being ranked high in the chart.In November 2020, "Yanawaraba" was disbanded with the last live at the Tokyo International Forum.After that, she started her career in earnest as a solo artist, and in 2022, her first solo song "Hanahira" was selected as the commercial song for the soft drink "CHOYA Natsuume".In 2023, she will hold her first hall one-man live as a solo artist.In January 2024, many of the songs released so far have been used as insert songs in TV commercials and TV programs, such as "Ashita" being selected as a tie-up song for "Meiji May Balance MICHITAS", Deliver songs to people. Her unique singing voice, which is timeless and touches the heart of the listener, naturally brings tears to her eyes.

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