Natsuiro Seikatsu Front Cover


Hashire Koigokoro (feat. Natsuki Karin)

Chom P.

温めた恋心 風が吹いて



四六時中 ぼんやり上の空ね

でもあの子 好きなひと 居るみたい





これって青春 ってやつ?

歩き出す恋心 風を受けて

進め 一歩ずつだって

溢れだす感情 止まらないなら

想い きっと伝わるよ


ひとりきり 校舎の影で泣くあの子


一度砕けてみる ってどう?

走り出せ恋心 風を切って


鳴り止まない感情 響かせてよ

奇跡 きっと起きるかも

  • Lyricist

    Chom P.

  • Composer

    Chom P.

Natsuiro Seikatsu Front Cover

Listen to Hashire Koigokoro (feat. Natsuki Karin) by Chom P.

Streaming / Download

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    Shiny Shiny Days (feat. Natsuki Karin)

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    Aoku Kagayake (feat. Natsuki Karin)

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    Hashire Koigokoro (feat. Natsuki Karin)

    Chom P.

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    Tap, Step, Jump! (feat. Natsuki Karin)

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    Kimi To No Yume e (feat. Natsuki Karin) [Karin's Covered Remix]

    Chom P.

"Natsuiro Seikatsu" is Chom P's Synthesizer V original album contained 5 cheerful and danceable songs featuring Natsuki Karin on vocals. Included her official demo song "Shiny Shiny Days".

Artist Profile

  • Chom P.

    Chom P. started his career in 1999 under the name TakeponG. He has been active mainly at doujin events and on the internet, and has released many original songs and cover songs. He specializes in pop tunes and catchy melodies, and in addition to producing original Vocaloid songs, he also provides songs for voice actors and vocalists, provides demo songs for vocal software, and DJs.

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