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SOMAOTA is the MC of the HipHop collective "Black petrol", whose performance at SUMMER SONIC 2023 is still fresh in our minds, and also performed as a solo artist at "Neon Oasis Fest.'24" in Taiwan.

DUCK HOUSE has been gaining attention, including an appearance at the Nakatsugawa SOLAR BUDOKAN in Gifu Prefecture, Japan in 2023.

The EP "Lost Humanity" is a supreme alternative hip-hop with a taste of Experimental Jazz after Robert Glasper, similar to Sen Morimoto and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It was created with the message that people living in a society that has lost its humanity and become mechanized should look back and reconsider their own lives.

For the sound, we placed importance on a groove that makes the listener's body move and dance naturally.
We feel that the best way to regain the physicality that we usually neglect is to dance to the music.
Lyrically, the song is about the importance of first becoming aware of the abnormality of the society in which we live, and then recovering our "humanity" through what we can do.

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