1. Doukoku
  2. Sahara No Mori
  3. Toku Hiroku Hibike
  4. Suna No Machi
  5. Give Me Money
  6. Heiwa Ga Daisuki

QuiQuiG is a trio rock band based in Tokyo.

Their second album "GOLDILOCKS ZONE" means a realm where human beings can live outside the solar system.

Nanami Hagimoto - guitar, vocals
Rokuzen Karasawa - bass, vocals
Koichi Shimizu - drums, vocals

QuiQui G

QuiQUiG is a three-piece rock band formed in 2009. They are doing gigs in Tokyo. Nanami Momoi (Vo&Gt) strum the bluesy rock! Karasawa Rokuzen (Vo&Ba) engrave funky beat. And he moves around on the stage! Koichi Shimizu(Vo&Dr)is, beat out the dynamite beat! Song of the QuiQuiG, feel nostalgic. Enjoy the diffuse reflection of light and darkness caused by these three people sing in shifts.

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