1. Let's Get It
  2. Wrong Side
  3. What a Funky Beats
  4. Yeyo (original ver)
  5. Cold Than ICE
  6. Ten To Ten
  7. If U Wanna Get High?
  8. It's so Fresh - Frontier -
  9. Say What?
  10. Just Clap
  11. I'm Real
  12. U Can Say
  13. Believe Me

This is Beattape what darkness sounds like 90's flavor
be going back to basic but dopeness has hi-fi
it's just beat scinense


I was born in 1983 I live in North Osaka I'm Japanese beatmaker & producer I have priority for the groove when I construction sequence I'm"BudsResistance" in1999 or 2000 ,I bought few records in CISCO Osaka at the first time I was making beats since 2003 I used to be push pads on MPC2000XL.MPC 2500,MPC Renaissance now I have Ableton Push2 I like chopped sample flip and layered with instrument.AOR.PROGRESSIVE ROCK.WORLD MUSIC JAPANESE I think that link everything on this world -Biography 2013 KEEP YA HEAD UP 2015 WALK TO TALK 2016 ONEWAY 2017 ILLNANDES&ENDRUN"CZN'PASS" 2019 innervision 2020 "Time's Up" BUDS REPORT1.2.3 BEAT FOUNDATION

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