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Soratondor / Shine Bright

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At the end of last year, APOKALIPPPS became a four-member group consisting of Marina Nishii, Erika-chang Baby, Yuri Hirano, and Yurapico. They have been reborn as a tighter and more solid team, and they have become more attractive. To commemorate the new start, APOKALIPPPS will digitally release two powerful rock and pop tunes at the same time.

Artist Profile


    APOKALIPPPS was formed in August 2017, mainly by Marina Nishii, who gained popularity as a member of NAMAHAMU TO YAKIUDON and fried udon, and later participated in ZOC (METAMUSE), and acted as a group consisting of seven people. Three members will graduate from the group in 2022, and the past five years have been completed as the first chapter. Chapter 2 will start with four people: Nishii, Erika-chan Baby, Yuri Hirano (ex TAKENOKO), and Yurapiko (BAKURETSU JYOSHI). It features a stage where unique members express various tunes in a fun and bright way.

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