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"LONELY DISCO" by RIS from Japan is an upbeat pop tune with a hard driving guitar riff by RIS herself and sequenced synths that echo the sounds of 1980s New Wave, but with a 2020's sparkle. Her rhythmic vocal delivery and mastery of the melodic hook breathe life into a story of the drama of a party girl's love life in the dance clubs of the Tokyo late-night underground. The lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English penned by RIS, and instrumentation is embellished by producer-arranger MIYO-KEN, RIS's long-time music partner acclaimed for his work with M-AGE, THE MORTAL, and other exceptional Japanese acts. The official music video for "LONELY DISCO" is an animated episode that pays homage to 1980's cartoons, directed and illustrated by MELON, known for her erotic stylings and unparalleled lust for life.

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iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 7 • 12 Nov 2021 iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Germany • TOP 75 • 15 Feb 2023

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  • RIS

    RIS is a Japanese singer, songwriter, guitarist, and entertainer. A unique J-pop act, she is influenced by flamboyant genres of alternative rock, including glam, punk, new wave, synth pop, and dance punk. A long-time live performer, she has opened for female rock pioneer Suzi Quatro and British synth pop legend Visage. RIS collaborates with major artists, including YMO lyricist Chris Mosdell.

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