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cat biscuit", a new generation DIY singer-songwriter/trackmaker who has suddenly emerged from out of nowhere, has released his first EP "TEXT" with 5 songs.
The EP also includes the preceding track "place," which is still fresh in our minds, as well as a number of subculture-colored songs that cannot be summed up in a single genre, such as "Forever your dreams -interlude-" with an atmosphere of good old nostalgia, especially Frutiger Aero, and "Run" with a four-strike cyberbeat y3k beat.
The songs may express the emotional trauma of not wanting anyone to know about bugs and errors that can occur in both the virtual and real worlds.
The free and diverse use of sounds and effects, which have been cultivated because of the digital native generation, expresses the current "cat biscuit" and is an EP that will pioneer the 2021 Japanese music scene on its own path.

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