1. Onion+
  2. Fireworks+
  3. My Way Home Alone+
  4. eight hundred+
  5. The Scraped Angel+
  6. Psychedelic Smile+
  7. I Just Hate People+
  8. Doushite-chan's Theme+

PinocchioP's rearranged album.
After a decade, PinocchioP's songs from his earlier days are refined and reborn with a new sound.
8 tracks including "Onion+", "eight hundred+" and "Doushite-chan's Theme+".


PinnochioP began his career in 2009 when he first uploaded his original Vocaloid productions onto one particular internet video sharing site. Along with his musical productions, he is also known for his tireless creative works including his graphic/illustrations, as well as his countless merchandising projects and concepts. From 2014, he has renewed his former live performance into a laughable, singable, danceable and enjoyable style.

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