1. mindbomb
  2. jiwlvld
  3. monochrome
  4. Munchen12
  5. Pulsedroid
  6. Onyx
  7. eggiweg
  8. electric tails
  9. Adle YS
  10. quorte
  11. smooth deer horns
  12. obsgum
  13. rogsfillas _recycle
  14. mindvill


I'm an IDM/TECHNO composer living in Niigata. "The songs emanating from the mind of the Japan based producer Loopdrape are old school, yet strangely modern. You get the impression that each sound is carefully selected to fill a distinct purpose and it's next to impossible to not be sucked in by the hypnotic feel of tracks like Jiwlvld or Pulsedroid." by The Elektron Bulletin ( newsletter) on 2012-04-13


A fulcrum records