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'Koi wo Shinasai'

Performed by Yamada Tamaru
Lyrics by Yusuke Amano
Music and Arranged by Shouji Odajima

Theme song of BS-TBS 'Osawa Takao Inca Empire -Close in on the hidden truth-'

(broadcasted on 12,19 January and rebroadcasted on 9, 10 June 2018)

*The program will be re-rebroadcasted on 3 January 2019

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Koi wo Shinasai

iTunes Store • Soundtrack TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 48 • 14 Feb 2021

Artist Profile

  • Yamada Tamaru

    Singer, songwriter YAMADA TAMARU, a native of Japan, began her love of music nearly childhood when she would listen to jazz and country music and so on. That love of music has continued to grow over the years and she continues to perfect her music. In high school she formed a band and would later learn to compose music with the piano and guitar. In 2006 Tamaru produced two albums from indies, and then debuted majors by commercial song of SHISEIDO 'My Brand New Eden'. She has expanded her talent and has appeared in a commercial for YEBISU Beer "The Hop" and so on. Recently you can find Tamaru performing at the various scenes as a singer, actress as well. And also you can find her songs through animations-Japanese TV anime [Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory], [WorldEnd-Syumatsu nani shitemasuka? Isogashii desuka? Sukuttemoratte Iidesuka?-]- and commercials, dramas, movies, TV programs. Tamaru makes high quality songs and sings with soulful voice. The voice and her vision of her creation envelop and captivate the people's heart.

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