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Yen Yen

Apple Music • KICK UP VIDEOS • 22 Apr 2022

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  • Masato Hayashi

    A hip-hop artist from Hachioji, Tokyo. He started his career as Pablo Blasta in 2017 and emerged with tracks such as "Tokyo Young OG" and guest appearances on "DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI - Meet the Bitch feat. Weny Daccillo, Pablo Blasta & JP THE WAVY" and "DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI - Good Die Young feat. RYKEY & Pablo Blasta", he suddenly went on hiatus in 2019. After two years, he changed his name to Masato Hayashi and resumed his activities in 2021. In February 2022, they released a single "Yattekimashite ne feat. ELIONE & CHICO CARLITO)", which ranked in the Spotify Viral 50. Then he released their first album "Issue" in April 2022. The natural quality of his voice and his melodious raps, along with his lyrics that sometimes wildly and sometimes delicately expose his inner self, make him a one-of-a-kind presence.

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