1. Sawarabi no Mikaku (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
  2. frost fire
  3. Yuga na Mademoiselle (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
  4. Nishinippori
  5. smily michel (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
  6. Sora to Hoshi no Monogatari (the first) [feat. Tohoku Zunko]
  7. fax vow

LWO finally unveiled after two years since formation. Seven songs of the highest suited to enjoying their world. Combine exquisite composing composition of organizer KUBO with MINOURA indigenous, cheerful and wild tasteful drumming. In addition, while searching for a new position of vocaloid, it provides a sound not elsewhere.
In this album
Ambient series "nishinippori" "frost fire" "fax vow" created from the beginning of the activity in this album

Season 2 of LWO which introduced vocaloid "Sora to Hoshi no Monogatari(the first)" "Sawarabi no Mikaku" "smily michel" "Yuga na Mademoiselle" is recorded.

Little Wind Orchestra

In 2016, formed for the purpose of producing healing music. Currently based on Celtic music mixes elements of medieval European music from techno and dance music, and furthermore, while introducing vocaloids, he is producing his own music packed extensively. We also regularly perform live performances.

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Little Wind Organizer