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Blue & Yellow (feat. Olga Ilyashenko & Polina Faustova)

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Composer and producer Masato Tani released a musical piece produced entirely online with displaced Ukrainian musicians. His diverse professional activities include songwriting/production (ads/commercials, stage, and singers), concert pianist, and graphic design and video production. He has recently put his skills to work by:
- Casting artists worldwide via a crowdsourcing site
- Having them record his compositions on tape and send the data
- Editing the data in Tokyo and releasing the music and video worldwide
His recent works include an English-language pop song based on Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in collaboration with 25 musicians and dancers from 13 countries, and a Spanish-language song on environmental issues with a Spanish rock singer and Japanese soprano.
Having worked in the past with Ukrainian violinist Olga Ilyashenko (originally from Donetsk, living in Kharkiv since 2014, displaced again in 2022), he decided to compose this piece to support Ukrainian musicians like her and deliver his eternal wish for peace to the Ukrainian people. He learned fortunately that she was safe and asked her and her cellist friend Polina Faustova to play the piece via a crowdsourcing site. Those talented players kindly agreed to join this meaningful project and moved to tears at the final work. He also asked another Ukrainian, sound engineer Andrii Yavorivskyi (living in Lviv suffering from the occasional impact of the missiles), to do the audio mastering.
The music is for violin, cello, piano and string ensemble. Starting with a peaceful melody, it gradually becomes melancholic. After reacheing the emotional climax, the first melody is reprised as a prayer for peace and ends quietly. Part of the proceeds will be donated to support the Ukraine.

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Blue & Yellow

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  • Masato Tani

    Masato Tani: Composer, Producer, Pianist & Creator. A versatile 'music creator' donning multiple hats solo, with music at the core. Possessing a unique career transition from a corporate professional, Masato Tani graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After a stint as a salesman in a foreign advertising agency, he made a distinctive shift in his mid-30s, blossoming into a late-blooming classical pianist sparked by the Paris International Amateur Piano Competition. Currently, he thrives as a music creator, primarily focusing on composition across a spectrum of genres from classical to pop, R&B, jazz, enka, and EDM. His contributions extend to composing music for media such as commercials, providing songs for artists (including Mika Hino and Tomofumi Hayashibe), and crafting stage music for musicals directed by Amon Miyamoto, among others. Operating under the name Masato Tani, he composes and performs instrumental pieces predominantly centered around classical piano. Meanwhile, as MASATO, he serves as a music producer, crafting and producing pop-style compositions. Under the latter moniker, he has launched the 'Classic meets pops' project, releasing arrangements of classical pieces in pop and jazz styles. Actively engaging in online casting and production for international artists, Masato Tani is a frequent presence in various media, including television. A member of JASRAC.

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